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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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Consultative meeting with Department of Culture

Consultative meeting with Department of Culture

Today, the Social and Cultural Affairs Committee (SCAC) conducted a consultative meeting with the Department of Culture (DoC) on “preservation and promotion of culture”. The Chairperson and members of the National Council along with eleven senior officials led by the newly appointed Director General Dasho Karma Weezir from the DoC participated in the meeting which was chaired by Hon’ble Member Dhan Bdr. Monger (the Chair of SCAC).

The SCAC Chair said that it is important for Bhutan to continue to preserve our rich cultural heritage. This is why the same is also enshrined in the Constitution and is the third pillar of Gross National Happiness.

The Committee was assigned to review cultural related issues with a focus on local dialects, performing arts and architectural designs.

Two presentations were made highlighting the overall plan, programmes, challenges and way forward by the Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) followed by a presentation on current practices and efforts to preserve and promote our age-old traditional architectural designs. The presentations were followed by questions & answers session that provided opportunity for the members to seek clarifications and further insights.

The SCAC will continue to meet other stakeholders before finalizing its recommendations on the issue.

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