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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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Introduction and Deliberation on the Review Report on the State of Persons with Disabilities

Introduction and Deliberation on the Review Report on the State of Persons with Disabilities

The 9th sitting of the 33rd session commenced today with a presentation on the review report concerning the State of Persons with Disabilities by the Social and Cultural Affairs Committee (SCAC), followed by deliberations.

Hon’ble Kesang Chuki Dorjee, Chairperson of the SCAC presented the report covering its background, observations on the implementation status of the National Policy for Persons with Disabilities, data, inclusive education and healthcare accessibility in Bhutan.

Following which, Hon’ble Tshering, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee shared findings on economic security and ICT access, caregivers and their access to rights, infrastructure accessibility, cultural and sports participation opportunities, and the current contributions of civil society organizations to uplift the situation of PWDs.

The Committee also proposed recommendations for eight areas with 35  recommendations to complement the government's efforts and ensure a more inclusive and equitable society for all Bhutanese citizens.

Based on the National Health Survey (NHS) 2023, the Committee reported that approximately 48,000 persons with disabilities live in Bhutan, a significant increase from the 15,567 reported in 2017. Most of these individuals reside in rural areas, where poverty and disability are often linked.

Following the presentation, Members sought clarifications and provided feedback. The Chairperson tasked the Committee to share additional clarifications tomorrow.

Additionally, the House will continue deliberating on the recommendations proposed by the Social and Cultural Social Affairs Committee regarding the review report on State of Persons with Disabilities.

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