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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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Introduction on the interim review report on Education Related Legislation

Introduction on the interim review report on Education Related Legislation

The Special Committee for Education presented its interim review report on Education-Related legislation in Bhutan to the House. The Committee recognized the need for this review following His Majesty the King's Royal Kasho during the 113th National Day Celebration in Punakha, 2020.

The Committee shared its report covering background, objectives, study approach and preliminary observations and findings. The objectives of this reports are to review legislation and policy instruments to identify the gaps, and review the current challenges and opportunities in the education system.

The Committee also noted that, despite the existence of policies such as the National Education Policy (1976), National Education Policy (1984), Draft National Education Policy (2022), and Education Policy Guidelines and Instructions (EPGI), challenges persist. These include disparities between rural and urban education, limited human resources, and the absence of a formal legal document.

To address these issues, the Committee suggests that enacting a legal document is crucial to providing a sustainable framework that enhances the systemic resilience, responsiveness, and capacity to meet the evolving demands of the 21st century.

Following the presentations, members provided valuable feedbacks to the Committee.

The Special Committee for Education will further carry out consultations with relevant stakeholders and submit the final review report with recommendations to the House during the upcoming 34th session of the National Council.

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