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Tuesday, 25 June 2024

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Question Time

The question time is one of the parliamentary tools that enables the National Council to fulfil its mandate of conducting public review of policies and issues, and holds the executive government accountable to parliament. It takes place for an hour every Tuesday and Friday, when parliament is in session. Government ministers are summoned to the National Council to answer questions of the members making it an important means of ensuring transparency and accountability.
It is also serves a platform for members and government ministers to engage in dialogue and provides an opportunity to ministers to explain government policies, its position on certain policy decisions and clarify doubts or concerns raised by National Council members.
The purpose of questions is primarily to seek information or press for action by bringing to light issues and perceived deficiencies in plans, policies and administrative actions.
Questions are normally listed in two categories. Questions of national importance are in category 1 and require written answers which are distributed to members and printed in the proceedings of the house, except for those categorized as sensitive. All other questions are category 2 and are answered orally on the floor of the house during question time.